About Us

Hippo TeamHippo Unicycles is the spirit of extreme unicycling in the Southern Hemisphere, based in New Zealand. It's fronted by Chris Huriwai and Sam La Hood, world champion Street unicyclist with 20+ years of experience under their combined belts. The sponsored team members are a carefully selected group of skilled riders from across NZ/AUS that have contribured to unicycling within their local communities through-out the years.

Our main goal is to increase unicycle participation and to create a base of content/resources/records for extreme unicycling in NZ/AUS, with a focus on events and videos.

If you have any questions for the following: 
Where to purchase, which size/type is best for you,
Feedback on some of our videos or ideas for content,
Wanting to hire us for demonstrations/workshops,
Adding competitions/records to our database?
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