Balthazar Ossig-BonnanoBalthazar Ossig Bonnano

The Latest addition to the team, Balthazar is a great all-round unicyclist and excels in the realm of unorthodox and difficult tricks. To name a few under his belt, Balthazar has landed: 540 Secretside, Fifthbacksideflip (First in Australasia), Onefoot ride to doublebackflip (potential world first), Hop on tire jumping over the seat, and more! Balthazar has been steadily rising through the ranks since his first appearance on the scene in 2014 and continues to improve with each video he releases!


Riding since:
Nearly 4 and a half years ago.. so approx age 14 I started



Favourite riders:
Waylonnnn, Tim Desmet, Eli Brill, Raphi, Josef Sjönneby

Kinda all rounder, but I like street and flat the most

Favourite tricks:
540 secret sides, trey over and trey underflips

Favourite riding spot:
At home on square bit of concrete, ( so i can get angry and people dont look at me funny ) haha, other from that probably just any skatepark thats decent

My Story:
Started school at Kelso high, they had a circus program there, I saw Callum Bridger riding and doing tricks and i thought it was sick, so i started and realllly liked it and just went from there

Other intrests:
Pretty much just unicycling.... maybe some pc games, but mainly unicycling

Best trick ever landed:
Fifthbackside Flip

Fave comp:
That i've been to probs Winter EUC 2015.. that I haven't been to would probs have to be UniCon

Dream unicycle:
One where it doesn't break ever, no more replacing parts and tubes

Future unicycle goals:
Just keep on improving every week and get as good as you can

Favourite post ride food:

Average inner tube life span:
Approx 1 month each

Biggest motivators 4 riding:
The positive feedback from the community, idk, just getting better at tricks and nicer looking tricks makes me want to do it

Competitive Success:

2017 2nd Flatland Uni Days NZ
2016 3rd Long Jump UniNats AUS
2016 3rd Flatland UniNats AUS
2016 3rd Trials UniNats AUS
2015 2nd Long Jump UniNats AUS
2015 1st High Jump Uninats AUS
2015 2nd Flatland UniNats AUS
2015 2nd Street UniNats AUS
2015 1st Speed Trials UniNats AUS
2015 1st Trials UniNats AUS