Chris Aitken

Chris AitkenChris Aitken (Boffy)

Team rider from: 2012 – 2015

DOB: 11/11/1994

Hometown: Paraparaumu (Pram!)

Riding since: 2007

Style: Street/Flat and a cheeky bit of Muni on the side.

Favorite trick(s): 5th flips, full varial flip, varial double flips, triples, blind grinds.

Favorite riders: Kriz Kovacs, Lorenz Poham, Jack Mildred.

Favorite riding environment/obstacles: Otaki skatepark, all of Hamilton and Northland, Adelaide Australia.

Obstacles: Anything street with the potential for creative riding and video shots.

Current setup: (as of 2014)
KH Moment wheel set with M4O Cranks, Cyko Light Tire Odyssey Pedals, Impact Gravity white frame, KH one piece seat post, KH slim saddle on CF base

Your story: It all began years ago when an old friend got a uni for his birthday, so we spent the day learning to ride and from there I was hooked.
Every year since I have attended unicycle events all over the country and been inspired by the many ground breaking videos on youtube along the way.
What I like the most about unicycling is the feeling of landing that trick that has been just out of reach.. and the social surrounding of the sport.
Catching up with the PG crew, seeing other riders, and watching new videos is always huge motivation.

Other interests: Building, Motorbiking, Snowboarding.

Favorite type of shoes to ride in: Nike 6.0s and Five Ten FreeRides.

Favorite videos: Unitwins 2012, Prettygood videos 1-5, Eli Brill UTV Spring 2012, Journey, Chris H Hippo Unicycles 2012, Defect!

Competitive success:

2014 3rd Street NZUni Weekend  
2014 2nd Trials NZUni Weekend NZ
2012 2nd= High Jump NZUni Weekend NZ
2012 3rd= Street NZUni Weekend NZ
2012 1st Flatland NZUni Weekend NZ
2011 1st Flat Pro Northland Regionals NZ
2011 1st Street Pro Northland Regionals NZ