Chris Champion

Chris ChampionChris Champion

Team rider from: 2012 – 2015

DOB: 08/01/1997

Hometown: Hamilton, New Zealand

Riding since: 2011

Style: Flatland

Favorite tricks: Full Out Flips, Varial Rolls, Step Over Rolls and all other Rolls

Favorite riders: Eli Brill, Krisz Kovács, Elias Pöham

Favorite riding environment/obstacles: Waikato Uni, Garage and any Flat Surface

Current setup: (as of 2014) Impact Seat with Carbon Fibre Base, KH Longneck Frame, Black Tryall Tire, Nimbus Wheelset, KH Moments, TSC Ravager Pedals

Your story: After meeting a friend who rode a unicycle, I was determined to learn how to ride myself. With the help of the Hamilton Crew, I learnt to ride and how to do some basic tricks. Over time I met new riders such as those in the Pretty Good Crew and I was inspired to ride harder and learn more difficult tricks.

The thing I like about unicycling is that fact that you can just get out there and go for a ride and not have to think about anything else except you and your unicycle. Its as though nothing else matters and you can just ride and concentrate on the thing you love.

Other interests: Football, Watching TV Series, Watching Unicycle Videos, Rap Music

Favorite shoes to ride in: Nike Air Force I

Favorite Videos: Poham feat. Elias, Go Do, Eli Brill – Spring 2012, Elias Poham 2010, Journey, Pretty Good Video #1

Competitive success:

2014 1st Flatland NZUni Weekend NZ
2014 1st Flatland Uninats AUS
2013 2nd Flatland Uninats AUS
2013 2nd Equal Long Jump NZUni Weekend NZ
2013 3rd Flatland NZUni Weekend NZ