Chris Huriwai

Unicycle.tvChris Huriwai Hippo Profile

Riding since:

Kaikohe, Northland


Favorite riders:
Loic Baud, Poham Brothers, Krizs Kovacs, Dan Cowling, Waylon Batt


Favorite tricks: 
Inward varial flip, 180flip, grinds, backsides, lates, anything with a twist and footplants

Favorite riding places/obstacles:
Dargaville Skatepark, Garden Beds, Manny Pads, Handrails!

My Story: 
On my 14th or 13th birthday... I got my first unicycle as a joke, I had never seen extreme unicycling before and had no idea what was possible. I taught myself how to ride on a 16" learner unicycle that I found at a local all purpose store. I started practising hopping and other basics, learning them all in my own, very wrong, way... I then looked on the internet for inspiration, before I knew youtube existed, to hopefully find some ​unicycle videos of other people like myself. My jaw dropped when I saw my first online video: the "UNIverse 2" trailer. From then on my curiosity of what was possible on one wheel led me to my first unicycle convention. I met some amazing people and realized that unicycling is more than just an individual activity, it's a real sport and has a real community. After that my obsession took over 100%.

Other interests:
Chilling with the team! Enviromentalisim, veganism, making videos and watching videos, music, animals and working on/promoting Hippo

Best trick ever landed: 
12set flip, in my opinion. It's not the kind of thing you do for fun, glad to check it off the bucket list and can't wait for someone to top it so I've got a reason to throw myself down a bigger set.

Favourite Competition:
Unicon 17's Slopestyle competition, I didn't do so well, but I thought the competition was really cool!

Dream Unicycle:
I like anything that's strong and not too heavy. I'll take strength over lightweight any day.

Future Unicycle Goals:
Keep progressing, grow the scene in New Zealand and organize some kick ass events!

Career/ Job: 
Unicyclist for Hippo Unicycles

Favourite post ride food:
Anything healthy, I've recently gone vegan so everything I eat is healthy haha

Average life time for inner tubes:
Depends how old my tyre is or if I'm filming a street video... At the moment its a fresh tyre so we'll be good for a while. But to be honest, I get a lot of flats at times.

Biggest motivators for riding:
Motivating others

Competitive success:

2014 1st Long Jump Uninats AUS
2014 1st Slopestyle Street Uninats AUS
2014 1st Street Uninats AUS
2014 1st Street UNICON XVIl (World Championships) CAN
2013 1st High Jump Uninats AUS
2013 1st Street NAUCC USA
2012 1st Street UNICON XVI (World Championships) ITALY
2012 1st High Jump NZUni Weekend NZ
2012 1st Long Jump NZUni Weekend NZ
2011 1st Street NAUCC USA
2011 1st Street Uninats AUS
2011 1st Flatland Uninats AUS
2010 1st Street NZUni Weekend NZ
2010 1st Flatland NZUni Weekend NZ
2010 2nd High Jump NZUni Weekend NZ
2010 1st Long Jump NZUni Weekend NZ
2010 1st Street Uninats AUS
2010 1st Flatland Uninats AUS
2010 1st High Jump Uninats AUS
2010 1st Long Jump Uninats AUS
2010 1st Street UNICON XV(World Championships) NZ
2010 3rd High Jump UNCON XV(World Championships) NZ
2009 1st Flatland Uninats AUS
2009 1st High Jump Uninats AUS
2009 1st Long Jump Uninats AUS