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A pioneer, Dan is a street unicycling veteran and has been riding longer than any other Hippo member. With numerous Australian street titles and a win over Chris Huriwai in 2011, Dan proves himself as a force to be reckoned with. Still progressing street unicycling in it's somewhat forgotten forms, Dan continues to inspire new generations with his consistently entertaining videos and innovative/BIG riding. 




Riding since:
13 long years

Street/ big street

Favorite tricks:
Grinds, anything into banks

Favorite riders:
Chris Huriwai, Dan Heaton, Joe Waddington, Tim Desmet

Favorite riding environment/obstacles:
Street/schools, rails, banks

Your story:
Already owned unicycle to pick up chicks, saw a video of Kris Holm doing “tricks” and thought I’d try it, been riding ever since. I’m hooked.

Other interests:
Reading, property, music, long phone calls with Chris Huriwai

Favorite type of shoes to ride in:
Fallen, ES and Supra

Favorite videos:
Way to many to name ‘see you in two’ is classic

Competitive Success:

2014 2nd SlopeStyle UniNats AUS
2014 1st Video Comp UniNats AUS
2014 2nd Street UniNats AUS
2013 2nd Street UniNats AUS
2012 2nd Street UniNats AUS
2011 1st Street NZUni Weekend NZ
2011 1st Street Unicycle Monster Street Comp AUS
2010 1st Video Comp UniNats AUS
2010 2nd Street UniNats