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Hippo Unicycles 2016

Bridging the gap: Hippo's new team, made from NZ and Australian riders! 
Harry Atherton, Dan Cowling, Daniel Wade, Samuel Tzikoucos, Chris Huriwai, Sam La Hood, Jack Purcell, Waylon Batt, Ebony O'Dea

2016 here we go!

Hippo Team:

The team has been updated for 2016, unifying our strengths between New Zealand and Australia to breathe new life unto the Hippo scene! We also say a respectful goodbye to 3 members of the team: Mike Padial, Chris Aitken and Chris Champion. Expect fresh COTW's and collaboration videos from the new team members: Harry Atherton, Dan Cowling, Waylon Batt and Ebony O'Dea + a whole new attitude from the team!

Profile pages for our new team members
Updated profile pages for our existing members
"Hippo Whanau" to recognize passed members

Current Champions for Street, Flatland and Trials:

In addition to monitoring the NZ and AUS high and long jump records, we're now also currently tracking the NZ & AUS Street, Flatland and Trials champions. Keep up to date with the best, updated after every national competition. We're currently working on pages to cover other 'unofficial' records such as: high jump onto pallets, static gap, rolling gap (edge to edge).

Titles page


Released in 2015, the official Hippo t-shirt is still available from youth sizes to adults. For orders outside of NZ, contact us directly. Before Unicon (July/August) we're hoping to have our first singlets available.

Buy Hippo t-shirts here!

NZUni Weekend 2016:

We are currently looking for a venue, our current options are either Auckland or Hastings. If you'd like to voice your opinion about our nationals, please contact us. Date: December

Harry Atherton Waylon Batt NZUni Weekend 2015New street and flatland champions: Harry Atherton, Waylon Batt

Still in the works:

Uniquest tutorials are still being developed. What is it? The idea is to have a comprehensive guide to extreme unicycling, indepth and more than your average tutorial. Uniquest is designed to give riders as many new things to try as possible, innovative ideas to keep progressing fun. At the moment we're just waiting for the final logo design before we can post our first episode. 

Waylon Batt

Enjoy yourselves guys, 

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