Always closely shadowing Sam La Hood on the Street/Flatland podium's, Ebony is a ruthless competitor and considered a dark horse coming into 2017. She's known for her hard falls and the abilitiy to overcome challenging skills, tricks and lines. Ebony has multiple entertaining bails & fails videos uploaded to the PGC and is constantly working on new projects. Ebony won her first ever 1st place title at UniCon18 in Spain aswell as the female WORLD record for platform to platform long jump.

Platform to Platform Long Jump World Champion



Hippo and UTV

Springton, Barossa, South Australia

Riding since: 
Learnt to ride in 2010 started tricks in November 2011 (I think)

Street, flat (no rolls) and a bit of trials and a lot of bails

Favourite tricks:
(That I can do:) Inward 540 side, 360 late flip
(That I can't do:) Buda flip, Secret sides, Front flip, big or fast rail rides

Favourite riders:
Sam La Hood, Chris Huriwai, Brandon and Tirryn  Nankivell, the Pöham brothers, Tim Desmet

Favourite riding environments/obstacles: 
Primary schools, skate parks, creative street obstacles, 3 sets

Your story:
I started riding after Brandon and Tirryn Nankivell did a unicycle demo at my primary school. I bought my first cheap uni and learnt to ride and then about a year later saw some YouTube videos, I think the first extreme Unicycling one I saw was Tim Desmet's older flatland tricks video which got me started on tricks. I started high school in 2012 at the same school as Brandon Nankivell, who I was too nervous to talk to until then. I finally talked to him and ended up going riding with Tirryn a few days later and then both Nankivells about a week later and got hooked on unicycling after that. The Nankivells also told me to go to uninats in Melbourne 2012 which, after some convincing of my parents, I did. I never stopped from there and got a boost in 2013 when Olaf Schlote offered me sponsorship on the UTV team which I am still proudly a part of. This year will be a big year for me, in unicycling, I'll get to go to my first UNICON and hopefully also uninats and of course join the hippo team!

Other interests: 
Soccer, CHEMISTRY!, and my dog Alfie

Favourite riding shoes: 
Nike Mogan II mid

Favourite videos:
Chris Huriwai Extreme unicycle tricks 1&2, Go Do - Croatia, 

Favourite post ride food:

Average life time for inner tubes:
3 weeks

Biggest motivators for riding:
Nankivell Bros, feeling of landing a new trick, and making videos.

Competitive success:

2016 1st Long Jump Platform UNICON XVIII SPAIN
2016 3rd Slopestyle Street UNICON XVIII SPAIN
2016 3rd Street UNICON XVIII SPAIN
2016 2nd High Jump Platform UNICON XVIII SPAIN
2016 2nd High Jump UNICON XVIII SPAIN
2014 2nd Female Slopestyle UniNats AUS
2014 2nd Female Flatland UniNats AUS
2014 1st Female Trials UniNats AUS
2013 2nd Female Street UniNats AUS
2013 1st Female Trials UniNats AUS
2013 1st Equal Overall Female Aus Street & Flat AUS
2013 1st Intermediate Flatland Aus Street & Flat AUS
2013 1st Intermediate Street Aus Street & Flat AUS
2012 1st Junior Female Street UniNats AUS
2012 1st Junior Female Flatland UniNats AUS