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Harry is as impressive off rails and stairs as he is on flat, though he's reluctant to boast about it. First in Australasia to land a Fifthbackflip and second in Australasia to land Sejflips. Harry rides big and tricks big, he's also an avid filmer and posts his tricks/videos to his self-titled youtube channel. Harry competed at UniCon in Spain, the World Championships, where he placed 3rd overall in Advanced Slopestyle Street!



Coffs Harbour

Riding Since:
February 2012


Favourite Tricks:
Fifthflip, 180 Crankflip, 900 Unispins

Favourite Riders:
Waylon Batt, Kornel Auth, Tirryn Nankivell haha

Favourite Riding Environment/Obstacles:
Skatepark early morning. Anything with a ledge

Your Story:
I have been riding for four years now and during that time I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet other unicyclists from across the world. The experiences I shared whilst riding with others is indescribable and makes me ride even harder. Over my four years of riding I have learnt a lot about the sport of Unicycling and I feel it has helped me grow into the person and Unicyclist I am today as well as taking me to some amazing places over Australia and New Zealand. I feel lost without my Unicycle it has been a big part of my life since I was fourteen years old and has always been there for me through the toughest of times and periods of grief and no matter what choices I make I am always attracted to the sport of Unicycling.

Other Interests:
Cars, Filming, Football

Favourite Shoes:
No results found for unicyclists

Favourite Videos:
This Fire, UINAC, Taiwan, Street Unicycling 2012-Waylon Batt

Competitive Success:

2017 3rd Street AUS Street/Flat AUS
2017 3rd Flatland AUS Street/Flat AUS
2016 2nd Flatland Uninats AUS
2016 3rd Advanced Slopestyle Street UNICON XVIII SPAIN
2015 1st Street NZUni Weekend NZ
2015 2nd High Jump NZUni Weekend NZ
2015 2nd Long Jump NZUni Weekend NZ