Jack PurcellJack Purcell Hippo Profile

Jack was a quiet rider untill 2012 when he made waves and exploded onto the scene, surprising everyone with his newly learnt street skills. Riding since 2006 he brings huge experience to the team. Jack is always ready to try something new and that's exactly what gives him his edge. Pushing the sport in Hamilton, Jack hopes to encourage new riders to session with him soon.

January 5 1995

Hometown: Hamilton

Riding since: 2006 But have only been doing street for four years

Style: Street/flat

Favorite trick(s): Handflips 180/360 foot plants 540 unispins

My story:
Hi I’m Jack Purcell. I am from Tauranga New Zealand, I started riding unicycles because when I was at school they had some and I thought hey! I might give it ago. Then Looking on You Tube I found a guy called Christian Huriwai and that was me Hooked on unicycling. I love the sport because it’s not what everyone thinks unicycling is. I love the people in the sport. All so nice and helpful with your needs. The friendships you make and the people you meet are a big part of it. Unicycling in one word to me would be “Life” meaning live your life to the fullest. Nothing is impossible if you really want it you can do it.

Favorite riders: 
Christian Huriwai, Waylon Batt, Eil Brill, Poham brothers

Favorite riding environment/obstacles:
Skate parks, urban street spots

Other interests: 
Hearthstone lol lol sleeping

Favourite shoes to ride in:
Anything that last but mostly Nike

Favourite videos: 
Keen as, PGV#7 Uninats street comp 2014

Favourite post ride food: 
Protein shake

Average life time for inner tubes: 
Hahaha well riding hard will last me a week or a few days but mostly a few months at a time

Biggest motivators for riding: 
Watching clips of myself and just watching good all around street videos :)

Tricks I want to work on/land this year: 
720 unispin, treydouble, fifthflip, handbackflip, inward sideflip and 540 footplant!! 

Competitive success:

2015 3rd Street NZUni Weekend NZ
2015 3rd High Jump NZUni Weekend NZ
2015 1st Long Jump NZUni Weekend NZ
2013 2nd Street NZUni Weekend NZ
2013 2nd Long Jump NZUni Weekend NZ