A list of helpful links for beginner – advanced unicyclists. Get to know our suppliers/sponsors/friends and view youtube/vimeo channels with inspiring & helpful videos.

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Unicycle Chat:
We're a weird and unique bunch! Get to know the unicycle community, post about your latest ride, ask for tips and just share your experience with the rest of the worldwide unicycle community!
Urban Unicycle Chat:
Similar to the above 'Unicycle Chat' but specifically focused around the extreme disciplines.
Unicycle Videos
Here you'll find an endless supply of unicycle videos!
Today I landed – Uni
Today I landed is similar to the above 'Unicycle Videos', but encourages riders to post their raw clips instead of complete videos, more of a show and tell than a presentation of a complete production. Australia supply Hippo with most of it's stock. If we don't have it, chances are they will. And if we do have it, it probably came from them!

From the website: You've come to the right place if you want to buy a unicyle or learn to ride. has the largest range of unicycles, parts and accessories in Australia and we pride ourselves on our customer service and rapid dispatch times.  If the item you are looking for is not displayed please contact us and we'll confirm whether the item is available.

Links from UDC:
Unicycles – Full set ups

UTV currently sponsor Core Team riders: Sam La Hood and Chris Huriwai. Description from their site: is a television program in the Internet to show Unicycle Videos of all areas in Unicycling. Our goal is to show the enormous variety of possibilities in riding on one wheel and to present this sport to a broader community. There must be an end for the still quite moderate representation in the international broadcasting medias. This includes also the attempt to live-stream the absolute highlights of the year.

The concept is simple: Unicyclists for Unicyclists! All Unicyclists could send their video clips. All Unicyclists can watch them free of charge. This way a modern, current program develops! We also try to give the full picture of the variety of Unicycle riding to as much non-Unicyclists as possible!

Links from UTV:
Sam La Hood's Team Page
Chris Huriwai's Team Page

Kris Holm is more than a brand, it's owned by THE living legend himself, a true pioneer of this sport, Kris Holm. 

From the website: Kris Holm Unicycles (KHU) was founded in 1999 as an expansion of Kris' personal need for unicycles designed to withstand the famously difficult trails of the Vancouver North Shore. Initially a small niche operation serving a handful of hardcore riders, KHU now offers a full line of unicycles and components through a dealer network in over 15 countries.

KHU was the first Canadian company and the first cycling brand to join One Percent for the Planet, donating 1% of sales to support environmental conservation. In support of the unicycling community, KHU sponsors a Factory Team and offers the Evolution of Balance Award to support riders seeking creative unicycling adventures around the world.

Links from Kris Holm:
Kris Holm Products

Impact Unicycles

Impact is one of, if not THE most popular unicycling brand. Founded by previous koxx-one boss Yoggi when branded as 'Addict', Impact was purchased by and made mainstream thanks to the distribution resources of Currently sponsoring a lot of the worlds top competitors, Impact also currently sponsor Australia's rising talent Waylon Batt!

From the website: Impact Unicycles has been making unicycles since 2009 and is manufacturer of the best competition trials, street and flatland Unicycles in the world. Their team are constantly at the top of the competition leader boards. The products are distributed through out the world by their specialist International distributors. Please contact your local dealer for pricing and stock.

Links from Impact Unicycles:
Unicycles + Parts
Impact Flo team + Waylon's team profile
Impact factory team

What is Sinco? In short, it's a "group/company/guy with a camera" headed by Gábor Jim Bátori and based in Hungary. Sinco have made some amazing unicycle videos with top editing and filming. Some great event coverage has been done by Sinco and a lot of graphic design work with brands like Mad4One, UTV, Impact, Moocow and Hippo itself.

Links from Sinco:
Sinco's Vimeo (videos)

Pretty good channel logo

The PGC! This is a youtube channel shared by many of the best NZ and AUS riders and is where all the Hippo footage usually ends up, like our sponsored team videos, tutorials, series, and event coverage. 

Links from PGC:
Most popular uploads

Renowned RS Series

Created by Emile Mathieu, Renowned Series creates informative "Unicycle News" segments, aswell as high level video compilations of the worlds best riders. Usually made in secret, the Renowned Series videos are praised as the highest level compilation videos availble, AND have featured Hippo riders multiple times!

Renowned Series are also responsible for the BEST OF UNICYCLING "Worldwide" series, which takes the best footage throughout the year and presents them within a single, delicious, annual video. 

Links from Renowned:
Episodes + Specials
Wordwide Series
Unicycle News and Stuff

K1 (1)


No longer active, Koxx-one was a French brand that was famous/infamous among the unicycle community. Known for their innovative unicycles and parts, road trips, partying, drugs, insane riding and until their dying days, shocking customer service. However, Koxx-one paved the way for extreme unicycling in the early days and sponsored/supported some of the worlds top riders. Respect.



Moocow supply innovative components designed for the modern day extreme unicyclist, so far marketing "SaddleApters" which attach to cut off seat post tubes to replace broken posts, aswell as a CF base mold of their own.

Description from their website:

"Quality in Innovation"
At Moocow Unicycles, we know that you don't compromise on riding, and your unicycle shouldn't either. Our goal is to create new, high quality parts, because your riding deserves it.

Links from Moocow:
Team Riders Page – The Moocrew
Moocow Products

Ash Unicycling

Sydney based unicyclists looking for a chance to learn? Check out Ash Unicycling, a small company run by passionate Australian unicyclist Ashley Curtis. On Ash's website you'll see a list of  workshop options to choose from, along with a shop page with a range of beginner unicycles to purchase.