Mid 2017

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Mid 2017 announcement!

Chris Huriwai at Victoria Park in Auckland City

Hippo Unicycles is now based in West Auckland!

It's official, we're Westies! We're still adjusting to city life, but we've found time to FINALLY update our website to make some big announcements, unfortunately we also have some minor bad news which we'll get out of the way first,

We'll no longer be selling products through our webstore.

Our main goal is to promote unicycling within NZ/AUS. Product availability is a very important factor for that goal, but along with sales being low and other cheaper alternatives being available from other providers, it makes sense that we cease online sales and simply recommend other options to our customers, which we're happy to do.

Chris Huriwai Sam La Hood 2017

Chris and Sam repping some of the new merch


We now have our largest rage of merchandise available with better availability! We've decided to get our merchandise through a third party supplier: Print Mighty.
Check out the webstore here:
Hippo Unicycles Print Mighty Store!

Downsides to supplying merchandise this way, it's not the same printing method, the logos are not as eye catching as their predicessors, so please keep this in mind when order. Secondly, we can't send other parts/stickers with your merchandise.

Upsides, a huge range and international shipping! Plus without having to deal with merchandise sales ourselves, we'll have more time to ride and collect content for you guys at home!

Up Coming Events

Uni Weekend is changing to Uni Days. We're rebranding the name of our national annual meet up, keeping it fresh. We've decided to include more competitions this year and intend to continue the event onto Monday, that's 3 days of unicycling! You can expect the addition of races, speed trials and a bigger emphasis on junior competitions, new format for high and long jump + more, for details visit: Uni DaysAus Street and Flat

Australia also has an event coming up NEXT MONTH! Aus Street and Flat is back, do you remember Keen As? There hasn't been an ASF since then! We're excited to say we'll be attending, we'll film as much as possible but we're also looking forward to competting! This ASF is based in Sydney, a short trip for Auckland riders. Like Uni Days, most of the venues haven't been announced yet, check out the ASF facebook page for updates: ASF FacebookAUS Logos unicycle

Balthazar Ossig-Bonnano

Balthazar Ossig-Bonanno joins Hippo!

New team member!

Balthazar! He's a street/flat rider from NSW and he's had this coming for a while, last year it was a nightmare deciding between Balthazar and one of his team mates, now we're finally all where we belong!

Check his team page here along with his latest video that simply made us have to sponsor him
Balth's Team Page

Welcome Balthazar!


A few other general updates:

There are a ton of new videos on our youtube and facebook since the last update so make sure you check them out, we're currently doing workshops all over Auckland so if you're local and wanting to ride more, send us a message! We also have a small fleet of unicycles available for workshops/demonstrations, contact us!

Looking forward to an exciting year of unicycling in New Zealand's biggest city!

Peace yall!
Chris Huriwai