Mike Padial

Mike Padial

Mike PadialTeam rider from: 2012 – 2015

DOB: 10th July 1991

Hometown: Nelson, NZ

Riding Since: 6th June 2007

Style: Trials and Street

Favourite Tricks: Static gap, 180 rev and double backflip

Top 3 riders: Joe Hodges, Mark Fabian and Mike Taylor

Favourite riding places: Trials comp, Auckland, California

Current setup: (as of 2014) KH longneck 20", Eagleclaw tyre and Superstar pedals

My storyI had thought about getting a unicycle after seeing some unicycle videos on Youtube, but it took me awhile to make my decision. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made and has changed my entire perspective on life.

My new learners Unicycle arrived at 6am on June 6th 2007, then I got it out of the box and put it together as fast as I could. I don't think I'd ever been so excited and went outside to start practicing untill i had to leave for school. After school I was back on it and by the end of the day i was riding 50 metres+ fairly comfortably. The goal i had set was to start riding withing a week, I smashed that goal and I kept smashing my goals from then on. I was rapidly becoming better and better and before I knew it I was doing things I could only dream of.I actually love the fact that Unicycling is a small sport that most people consider only done in the circus. Some people think we're weird and that the sport is ridiculous while others are really curious and think we're incredibly talented. I like Unicycling because it's such a new sport and I've seen it grow so much in the past few years. Theres always the opportunity to do something that hasn't been done before. I can meet someone on the other side of the world and go riding with them no matter how good they are. Unicycling has a tight community and we're all like family. While my obsession with the sport sometimes holds me back it has also taken me around the world and helped me to do things i wouldn't normally do. The thing I'm most proud of doing on my unicycle is probably just learning to ride it. Managing to sidehop 1 metre high was one of my biggest accomplishments for me and it kept me buzzing for a few days. I don't think anything has compared to learning to ride it in the first place though.


Other Interests: Mountainbiking, Weightlifting, Travelling

Favourite shoes to ride in: Fiveten

Favourite video(s): Keen as

Competitive Success:

2014 1st High Jump Uninats AUS
2014 1st Trials Uninats AUS
2013 3rd Street Uninats AUS
2013 1st Trials Uninats AUS
2013 2nd High Jump Uninats AUS
2013 1st Street NZUni Weekend NZ
2013 1st Long Jump NZUni Weekend NZ
2013 1st Trials NZUni Weekend NZ
2013 1st High Jump NZUni Weekend NZ
2013 1st Street Aus Street & Flat AUS
2012 1st Street NZUni Weekend NZ
2011 3rd Trials NAUCC USA
2011 2nd High Jump NAUCC USA
2010 2nd Trials NAUCC USA
2010 3rd Trials UNICON XV (World Championships NZ