NZUni Weekend 2014

NZUni Weekend 2014

(2014 Hippo Team, from left to right: Chris Huriwai, Mike Padial, Sam La Hood, Daniel Wade, Chris Aitken, Chris Champion, Jack Purcell, Samuel Tzikoucos)

Organized by: Rob Young, Chris Huriwai
Location: Bombay Hills
Participants: 35
Competitions held: Street, Flat, Trials, Slalom, High Jump, Long Jump

Event breakdown: Uni weekend 2014, Bombay. Another competition packed Uni Weekend! Organizers are starting to re-think the event schedule, having more than one of the urban events (Street, Flatland, Trials) on the same day, is proving to be too tiring, next Uni weekend you can expect some changes.

But what a weekend it was! Special thanks goes out to the Bombay School caretaker Rob Young and his helpers, for making all of this possible, Tony Melton from UDC, Bryan Page and Mark Golding for lending their helpful hands.

Still no first place changes for High and Long Jump, Mike Padial continues to dominate High Jump, finishing with 115cm, with Chris Huriwai closely behind on 110cm for High Jump and taking out Long Jump with 250cm. Chris Aitken placed 3rd in High Jump, with 100cm, he moves up on the leader boards to 5th overall in NZ/AUS and 3rd overall in NZ. Sam La Hood also set a new female record for NZ/AUS with 70cm.

New Champion for Flatland! Another standard raising competition and performance from all of the riders that competed in the Flatland competition, Duncan Shand had his first taste of Flatland battles, Samuel Tzikoucos landing a Hick Triple(just outside of competition) and Treyside Double! A great final battle was had between Chris "Ludwig" Champion and Daniel "To Tire" Wade, with rolls winning out over flips, Chris defeated the now EX-champion to claim his first NZ title. Street was no different, another new champion and more great riding. 1st place, Samuel Tzikoucos dominated the manny pad section, with amazing consistency and big tricks after big tricks, not to mention his one handed triples in zone 2 and 3. 2nd place, Mike Padial demonstrated some great skills, fulloutflip on the 5set and smooth full varialflips in zone 1 and 2. 4th place, Sam La Hood not disappointing either, showing us all why shes the best of the worlds female street riders, with some smooth and technical riding in each zone. 3rd place, Chris Aitken narrowly beating out the female world street champion, Chris showed great overall skill and variety, not to mention a bit of goon, in each zone. No surprises in Trials, Mike taking the competition out yet again in record time with Chris Aitken 2nd, Ollie Curtis 3rd.

Video Coverage: (Raw footage here)

Long Jump placings:

1st Chris Huriwai 250cm 
2nd Chris Aitken 225cm
3rd Ollie Curtis 215cm
4th Mike Padial 210cm
5th Chris Champion 190cm
6th Vincent Smith 175cm
7th Sam La Hood 160cm
8th Dean Toms 150cm
8th Daniel Wade 150cm
8th Tony Melton 150cm
9th Duncan Shand 145cm
9th Jack Purcell 145cm
10th Victor Fleuriau-Chateau 140cm
11th Joe Curtis 130cm
12th Sam Lancaster-Robertson 120cm
13th Isaac Griffiths 60cm
14th Logan Burton 45cm
15th Dylan Farrell 40cm

High Jump placings:

1st Mike Padial 115cm
2nd Chris Huriwai 110cm
3rd Chris Aitken 100cm
4th Jack Purcell 80cm
5th Sam La Hood 70cm
5th Ollie Curtis 70cm
5th Dean Toms 70cm
6th Daniel Wade 55cm
6th Duncan Shand 55cm
7th Vincent Smith 50cm
8th Joe Curtis 45cm
9th Sam Lancaster-Robertson 40cm
10th Isaac Griffiths 25cm

Flatland Finals:

1st and 2nd Chris Champion def. Daniel Wade
3rd and 4th Samuel Tzikoucos def. Mike Padial

Flatland Prelim placings:

1st Chris Champion 79points
2nd Samuel Tzikoucos 71.5points
3rd Mike Padial 71points
4th Daniel Wade 67.5points
5th Chris Aitken 64points
6th Duncan Shand 52points
7th Jack Purcell 41points
8th Dean Toms 35.5points
9th Sam La Hood 33points
10th Vincent Smith 32points
11th Ollie Curtis 30.5points
12th Tony Melton 28.5points
13th Victor Fleuriau-Chateau 28points
14th Dylan Farrell 14points
14th Isaac Griffiths 14points
15th Joe Curtis 13points


Round 1 

Mike Padial def. Dean Toms
Chris Champion def. Jack Purcell
Daniel Wade def. Duncan Shand
Samuel Tzikoucos def. Chris Aitken

Round 2

Chris Champion def. Mike Padial
Daniel Wade def. Samuel Tzikoucos

Street Finals:

1st Samuel Tzikoucos
2nd Mike Padial
3rd Chris Aitken
4th Sam La Hood

Prelim placings:

1st Sam La Hood 68points
2nd Mike Padial 67points
3rd Chris Aitken 64points
4th Samuel Tzikoucos 56points
5th Jack Purcell 44points
6th Dean Toms 29points
7th Victor Fleuriau-Chateau 24points
8th Joe Curtis 20points
9th Lewis de Jong 18points
10th Chester Jerrat 17points


1st Mike Padial 22/22lines
2nd Chris Aitken 20/22lines
3rd Ollie Curtis 17/22lines
4th Tony Melton 15/22lines
5th Dean Toms 12/22lines
6th Vincent Smith 11/22lines
7th Sam Lancaster-Robertson 10/28lines
8th Chester Jerrat 8/22lines
8th Joe Curtis 8/22lines
9th Logan Burton 7/22lines
10th Dylan Farrell 6/22lines
10th Lewis de Jong 6/22lines
10th Bryan Page 6/22lines
11th Ty Peters 4/22lines
11th Marie Fleuriau-Chateau 4/22lines
12th Peter Bailey 3/22lines

IUF Slalom:

1st Tony Melton 24.95seconds
2nd Ollie Curtis 25seconds
3rd Vincent Smith 25.47seconds
4th Victor Fleuriau-Chateau 25.79seconds
5th Chris Huriwai 26seconds
6th Logan Burton 29seconds
6th Bryan Page 29seconds
7th Sam Lancaster-Robertson 33seconds
8th Kate Golding 34seconds
9th Harrison Agnew 35seconds
10th Isaac Griffiths 37seconds
11th Duncan Shand 38seconds
12th Jack Belz 40seconds
13th Joe Curtis 42seconds
14th Coleman Brydon 48seconds