NZUni Weekend 2015

NZUni Weekend 2015

nzuni weekend(New Street and Flatland champions. Left to right; Harry Atherton, Waylon Batt)

Organized by: Chris Huriwai, Rowan Chivers
Location: New Plymouth
Participants(registered competitors): 15
Competitions held: Street, Flatland, High Jump, Long Jump

Event breakdown: New champions for street, flatland, long jump (congratulations to Jack Purcell for his first 1st place!) AND high jump! Many of our regular podium competitors took the year off, feels like a fresh start! Among the non-competitors this year were: Mike Padial, Chris Huriwai and Chris Champion, leaving the podium wide open in the flatland, high & long jump competitions. 

The best thing about the weekend was having Australian riders Harry Atherton and Waylon Batt, competing at their first Uni Weekend, ever. Aswell there were multiple new faces who showed a lot of promise! It made for a refreshing Uni weekend!

The trials competition was cancelled due to the obstacles we were provided were too big and not very competition friendly, we'll be focusing on the trials competition next year to ensure another NZ trials competition does happen!

Flatland took place in the New Plymouth skate rink, with Waylon Batt simply being leagues ahead of the competition, taking a comfortable 1st place. 2nd place went to Samuel Tzikoucos with 3rd place going to Daniel Wade. Flatland highlights have to be the battle between Sam La Hood and Daniel Wade, it was an extremely close battle between the two long-time friends with Daniel just inching ahead with his high level of variety. Aswell the battle between Harry and Jack was again extremely close, Jack put in the flatland performance of his life showing some great consistency.

The Aussies continued their domination with the street comp, this time Harry Atherton, beating out the now ex-champion Samuel Tzikoucos, along with world champion female street rider Sam La Hood aswell as Jack Purcell. Samuel managed 2nd place, with Jack in 3rd and Sam in 4th. Waylon Batt graciously turned down an easy podium to assist Chris Champion with the judging. Highlights of the comp include Harry's amazing consistency and surprisingly the junior/intermediate competition! With new faces like Brodie Kelly and Johno Obrien making their competition debuts impressing all of the veterans.

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Long Jump placings:

1st Jack Purcell 180cm 
2nd Harry Atherton 170cm
2nd Brodie Kelly 170cm
2nd Dean Toms 170cm
3rd Sam La Hood 160cm
4th Daniel Wade 150cm
5th Victor Fleuriau-Chateau 130cm
6th Jamie Kelly 70cm

nzuni weekendLong Jump Champions left to right; Sam La Hood, Harry Atherton, Dean Toms, Brodie Kelly, Jack Purcell

High Jump placings:

1st Waylon Batt 93cm
2nd Harry Atherton 77cm
3rd Jack Purcell 75cm
4th Daniel Wade 72cm
4th Brodie Kelly 72cm
5th Dean Toms 65cm
5th Samuel Tzikoucos 65cm
6th Sam La Hood 60cm
7th Victor Fleuriau-Chateau 55cm
7th Tony Melton 55cm
8th Lewis de Jong 46cm
9th Jamie Kelly 22cm

nzuni weekend 2015High Jump Champions left to right; Jack Purcell, Harry Atherton, Waylon Batt

Flatland Prelim placings:

1st Waylon Batt 41/50points
2nd Samuel Tzikoucos 31/50points
3rd Harry Atherton 30.5/50points
4th Daniel Wade 29.5/50points
5th Sam La Hood 26/50points
6th Jack Purcell 22.5/50points
7th Brodie Kelly 19/50points
8th Dean Toms 14/50points
9th Victor Fleuriau-Chateau 17/50points


Intermediate/Junior Flatland Finals:

1st and 2nd Brodie Kelly def. Victor Fleuriau-Chateau

nzuni weekend 2015Intermediate/Junior Flatland Champions left to right; Victor Fleuriau-Chateau, Brodie Kelly



Waylon Batt – bye
Daniel Wade def. Sam La Hood
Jack Purcell def. Harry Atherton
Samuel Tzikoucos def. Dean Toms


Waylon Batt def. Daniel Wade
Samuel Tzikoucos def. Jack Purcell



1st and 2nd Waylon Batt def. Samuel Tzikoucos
3rd and 4th Daniel Wade def. Jack Purcell

nzuni weekendExpert Flatland Champions left to right; Daniel Wade, Samuel Tzikoucos, Waylon Batt

Intermediate/Junior Street Finals:

1st Tony Melton
2nd Brodie Kelly
3rd Dean Toms
4th Johno Obrien
5th  Lewis de Jong
6th Victor Fleuriau-Chateau

nzuni weekendIntermediate/Junior Street Champions left to right; Dean Toms, Tony Melton, Brodie Kelly


Street Finals:

1st Harry Atherton
2nd Samuel Tzikoucos
3rd Jack Purcell
4th Sam La Hood


nzuni weekend 2015Expert Street Champions left to right; Jack Purcell, Samuel Tzikoucos, Harry Atherton