NZUni Weekend 2016

NZUni Weekend 2016


uni weekend

(Left to right, new Street and Flatland champions: Sam La Hood, Samuel Tzikoucos)

Organized by: Chris Huriwai
Location: Auckland
Participants(registered competitors): 19
Competitions held: Street, Flatland, High Jump, Long Jump, Obstacle Course

nzuni weekend 2016

Event breakdown: New champions for street, flatland, high jump and another awesome effort from the junior riders. Unfortunately we didn't get around to organizing a trials competition this year, but we did run a junior competition in Northland earlier this year that we hope to build on: 

This year again focused on Street and Flatland. The street rules were changed to Slopestyle this year, riders had 3 runs at the Forest Hill Skatepark with their final score being determined by their highest scoring run. Sam La Hood narrowly managed to beat Samuel Tzikoucos for her first ever Senior/open Street victory in NZ. Flatland also saw a new champion, with all the previous flatland winners either away or injured, Samuel Tzikoucos took an easy first place, with Sam doing all she could to make Samuel work for his first ever 1st place Flatland podium. 

Exciting news for NZUni Weekend! Normally NZUni Weekend is run somewhere different each year. But without volunteers to organize, it's been decided to run the event in Auckland every year, to encourage a central hub for unicycling in New Zealand. Bad news for those outside of Auckland, but good news for NZUni Weekend organizers. With the events happening in the same city we'll be able to co-ordinate our efforts better to make a bigger event next year, so watch this space! If you're interested in helping next year or have something you'd like to offer our event, please get in touch with us! 

Unofficial video:

Competition highlights video:

Long Jump placings:

1st Jack Purcell 220cm 
2nd Sam La Hood 180cm
3rd Dean Toms 170cm
4th Joe Curtis 160cm
5th Vincent Smith 130cm
6th Johno O'Brien 125cm
7th Lewis De Jong 115cm
9th Rebbeka Wiedener 105cm
10th Tony Melton 100cm
11th Brian Page 85cm
12th Nate Armstread 80cm
13th Oskar Ludwig 60cm

uni weekend long jump
Long Jump Champions left to right; Dean Toms, Jack Purcell, Sam La Hood

Junior/advanced champions left to right; Lewis De Jong, Joe Curtis, (absent Vincent Smith)

High Jump placings:

1st Jack Purcell 85cm
2nd Samuel Tzikoucos 80cm
3rd Dean Toms 77cm
4th Sam La Hood 67cm
5th Tony Melton 60cm
6th Lewis De Jong 50cm
7th Rebbeka Wiedener 48cm
8th Johno O'Brien 42cm
9th Nate Armstead 17cm
10th Oskar Ludwig 15cm

nzuni weekend high jump

High Jump Champions left to right; Dean Toms, Jack Purcell, Samuel Tzikoucos

junior nzuni weekend
Junior/Advanced Champions left to right; Johno O'Brien, Lewis De Jong, Rebekka Wiendener

Flat Battles:


Johno O'Brien – bye
Nate Armstead def. Joe Curtis
Oskar Ludwig def. Lewis De Jong


Nate Armstead def. Oskar Ludwig (3rd place)
Johno O'Brien (1st place) def. Nate Armstead (2nd place)

nzuni weekend 2016 junior flatlandJunior/Advanced champions left to right; Oskar Ludwig, Johno O'Brien, Nate Armstead

Freestyle battle:

Tony Melton def. Rebbeka Wiedener

tony melton rebekka wiedener

Freestyle Champions, left to right; Tony Melton, Rebekka Wiedener


Sam La Hood def. Jack Purcell
Samuel Tzikoucos def. Dean Toms


Jack Purcell (3rd place) def. Dean Toms
Samuel Tzikoucos (1st place) def. Sam La Hood (2nd place)


samuel tzikoucos winsExpert Flatland Champions left to right; Jack Purcell, Samuel Tzikoucos, Sam La Hood


Junior/Advanced Slopestyle

1st Johno O'Brien
2nd Rebekka Weidener
3rd Lewis De Jong

johno o'brien winsJunior/Advanced Slopestyle Street Champions left to right; Lewis De Jong, Johno O'Brien, Rebekka Wiedener


1st Sam La Hood
2nd Samuel Tzikoucos
3rd Jack Purcell


sam la hood winsSenior Slopestyle Street Champions left to right; Jack Purcell, Sam La Hood, Samuel Tzikoucos

Obstacle Course: 


1st Liam Shaw 28.78sec
2nd Johno O'Brien 31.49sec
3rd Nate Armstead 31.53sec
4th Kate Golding 31.81sec
5th Joe Curtis 31.96sec
6th Oskar Ludwig 33.10sec
7th Lewis De Jong 34.7sec

Liam Shaw winsJunior/Advanced champions left to right; Nate Armstead, Liam Shaw, Johno O'Brien


1st Tony Melton 25.44sec
2nd Rowan Chivers 26.55sec
3rd Vincent Smith 26.96sec
4th Rebekka Wiedener 29.72sec


tony melton rowan chivers wins 2016Senior Champions left to right; Vincent Smith (absent), Tony Melton, Rowan Chivers