Flat Saddle – Nimbus


Strength: 3/5
Weight: 4/5
Street: 3/5
Flat: 4/5
Trials: 3/5
Overall: 3.5
Weight: 750g

  • Thin profile allows for extreme grip when riding seat in front.
  • Improved fully enclosed handle now eliminates jammed-finger injuries
  • Rounded bumper to avoid inner thigh irritation
  • 4mm allen key bolts rather than dome nuts to attach handle/bumper and to the seat post

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The Nimbus Flat Saddle, stylish and extremely flat/thin design. Ideal saddle for street/flat/trials. The thin profile of this saddle allows for better grip than most saddles. 

Enjoy the paint splatter design on this non-removeable cover while it lasts, reviews show it rubs off faster than you'd hope for.