Sam La Hood

Sam La Hood Profile HippoAustralasia's most accomplished female unicyclist, Sam has been the top of the female street game since she first competed at the 2012 World Champs in Italy and has been a core contributor to Hippo Unicycles since its formation. Sam is always pushing the limits of female street riding and shows it with her competitive achievements which include back to back 1st places at the World Champs and multiple podium placements in advanced and open/expert category competitions in NZ/AUS and America.

Female Street World Champion, Female Slopestyle Street World Champion, New Zealand Street Champion



July 19 1996

Northland, NZ

Riding since:

Street and Flat

Favorite trick(s):
Lateflip, 180 Lateflip, Grinding

Favorite riders:
Koxx One team

Favorite riding environment/obstacles:
Street Comps, Skateparks. Square rails, ledges, manny pad

My story:
I first started riding at a Circus Kumarani Kai Iwi Lakes festival, when I had a little play on a unicycle. I then learnt but stopped riding because I didn`t know how much could be done on a unicycle. Later I heard about Chris Huriwai after he won the world champs and contacted him. I started learning street and flat from him and haven't stopped. My first UNICON was UNICON 16 in Italy, 2012. Since then I have attended multiple Uniweekends and Uninats, UNICONs, and an NAUCC. EUC is definately on the bucket list! 

Other interests:
Biodiversity and conservation, veganisim, rock music

Favorite type of shoes to ride in:
Still looking for the one

Favorite videos:
Chris Huriwai Street Unicycling 2009

Best trick ever landed: 
8 stair handrail

Favourite Competition:
Any street or slopestyle street comp

Dream Unicycle: 
Black rail hunter on purple try all rim with chrome 6pin M4O cranks

Future Unicycle Goals: 
Flip out of a good sized handrail, Motivate more girls to do higher level street.

Veterinary Nursing Student

Favourite post ride food: 
Anything vegan

Average life time for inner tubes: 
I don't pop many

Biggest motivators for riding: 
Riding with friends

Competitive success:

2016 1st Street NZUni Weekend NZ
2016 1st Female Slopestyle Street UNICON XVIII SPAIN
2016 1st Female Street UNICON XVIII SPAIN
2016 2nd Female Flatland UNICON XVIII SPAIN
2015 3rd Long Jump NZUni Weekend NZ
2014 1st Female Flatland Uninats AUS
2014 1st Female Slopestyle Street Uninats  AUS
2014 1st Female Street UNICON XVII CAN
2014 2nd Female Slopestyle Street UNICON XVII CAN
2014 3rd Female Flatland UNICON XVII CAN
2013 1st Female Street Uninats AUS
2013 1st Female Flatland Uninats AUS
2013 3rd Expert Street NZUni Weekend NZ
2013 1st Advanced Street NAUCC USA
2013 1st Female Street NAUCC USA
2013 2nd Female Flatland NAUCC USA
2012 1st Female Street UNICON XVI ITALY
2012 4th Female Flatland UNICON XVI ITALY
2012 1st Female Street Uninats AUS
2011 1st Junior Flatland NZUni Weekend NZ
2011 1st Female High Jump NZUni Weekend NZ
2011 1st Female Long Jump NZUni Weekend NZ