NZUni Weekend 2017 update

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NZUni Weekend changes to Uni Days!

Find our facebook event page here:

Any questions about Uni Days:
Contact Us

December 15: Social Ride, Movie Night

The social ride location is yet to be decided, like all our other venues so far, so keep checking this page and on facebook for updates. In the evening we'll be bringing back an old NZUni Weekend regular, movie night! Make a video you'd like to premiere at the movie night so we can all enjoy its release together! Aswell we'll be showing footage from the last World Championships aswell as last years Uni Days (NZUni Weekend 2016) and other popular videos. All in good company and most likely PIZZA (money and pizza toppings to be organized during registration), you're also welcome to bring your own food.

December 16th: High Jump/Long Jump, Races, Trials, Flatland:

High jump and long jump is getting a revamp, we'll no longer be jumping over bars and sticks, but instead onto pallets.
Check out Mike's pallet to pallet static hop tutorial to get an idea: Though, when we actually compete in long jump for example, we'll make extra room for run up, approx 3-4 revs. 

While the jumps are happening, stations will also be set up for races. 50m, 100m, backwards, slow race etc.

This year will have a strong focus on the Trials competition, especially junior trials! If you have experience building obstacles, please contact us to help with construction and sourcing of equipment or if you'd like to be a line judge.
See the last junior trials competition we ran here:

Flatland will be in the evening, 1minute prelims and 2minute battles. We haven't decided on specifics yet but we may possibly do prelims during the jumps/races and have the flat battles at night, after the Trials competition/dinner break.

December 17: Street, Hockey, Prizegiving

Street will be the same as usual, slopestyle rules for street, here is an example of slopestyle from EUC:
Hockey teams and categories are yet to be decided. If you'd like to put a team forward, school or social, contact us.

Safety gear enforcement:

To ensure the safety of participants, we will be enforcing the use of safety gear for the following competitions:

Trials, street, highjump + long jump

What you will NEED:

Recommended but not mandatory:
-Shin pads and/or knee pads

Categories for all competition's will depend on the amount of competitions.

Volunteers are required so if you want to help make this event a success, contact us:

As we update Uni Days we'll update this page. Please share the event page on facebook and tell your friends! If you'd like to put up flyers please contact us for the hi-res PDF.

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