Uni Days 2017

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uni days 2017

Organized by: Chris Huriwai, Sam La Hood, Arahoe School
Location: Auckland, Arahoe School
Participants (registered competitors): 37
Competitions held: Street, Flatland, High Jump, Long Jump, Slalom, Trials, Speed Trials
Competitions cancelled due to time: Best Trick

Event breakdown: New champions for Street, Flatland, High jump and Trials! We also introduced a new competition to NZ: Speed Trials. Due to time constraints we had to cancel the 'Best Trick' competition, which we're excited to implement into next years schedule.

uni days trials

This year had a strong focus on the trials competition, as it was lacking last year. There were lines ranging from super beginner friendly to dangerously near-impossible expert lines! There was a great turnout from the junior competitiors in all competitions, they actually made up the bulk of the registration list, which is very promising for the future!

We also had a great international turn out, with riders from Australia, France, Italy and Germany! With such a great result, we've decided to make this timeslot in December the same for next year. With the hope of New Zealand's summer being another incentive to encourage more international riders to join in.

A special thank you to all the volunteers, builders, judges, MC's, DJ's and food stalls, you guys made this event totally awesome! A special shout out to Mario Bel and Moise Domise for leading the building team for Trials and Street, merci! Aswell special thanks to everyone at Arahoe School but mainly: Megan Conolley, Andrea Kite, Andrea Martin and Corin Armstead for holding everything together! And to Bryan Page for running slalom and hockey! There really are too many to name… Sorry if we've forgotten anyone- no doubt we have, you all know who you are, we really appreciated the help! Suggestions for next Uni Days are VERY welcome, so please do not hesitate.

Video footage coming soon! Please be patient as we have a lot of footage to comb through!

uni days 2017 overall winnersOverall winners: (from left to right) Chris Huriwai, Kohki Deai, Philipp Ploner. A special shout-out to Johno O'Brien who was a junior but decided to compete in a lot of the expert competitions instead!

IUF Slalom:junior uni days slalom 2017 senior slalom 2017 uni days


1st Luca Lawson 27.1 seconds
2nd Kyle Boyle 28.6 seconds
3rd Oscar Ludwig 29.6 seconds
4th Kohki Deai 30.6 seconds
5th Charlie McElroy 31.3 seconds
5th Deveraus 31.3 seconds
6th Nate Armstead 31.6 seconds
7th Leandro Melo 32.5 seconds
9th Charlie Claypole 32.8 seconds
9th Nico Lawson 34.9 seconds
10th Blake Kite 35.4 seconds
11th Thomas McGlone 37.7 seconds
12th Liam turner 42.7 seconds
13th Jacob Kite 47.8 seconds


1st Tony Melton 23.4 seconds
2nd Ollie Curtis 26.13 seconds
3rd Liam Shaw 27.21 seconds
4th Christian Huriwai 28.2 seconds
5th Bryan Page 30 seconds
6th Kate Golding 32.5 seconds
7th Michael Mitchell 39.8 seconds

Speed Trials:junior speed trials uni days 2017 Senior speed trials uni days 2017Junior:

1st Johno O'Brien 8.23 seconds
2nd Kohki Deai 11.98 seconds


1st Philipp Ploner 5.64 seconds
2nd Chris Huriwai 5.69 seconds
3rd Balthazar Ossig-Bonanno 6.13 seconds
4th Mario Bel 6.69 seconds
5th Samuel Tzikoucos 8.14 seconds
6th Ollie Curtis 8.19 seconds
7th Alex Jones 11.17 seconds
8th Michael Mitchell 12.48 seconds
9th Tony Melton 13.97 seconds

Long Jump:junior long jump uni days 2017 senior long jump 2017 uni daysJunior:

1st Johno O'Brien 180cm
2nd Nate Armstead 90cm
3rd Kyle Boyle 75cm
4th Kohki Deai 70cm
5th Leandro Melo 65cm
6th Luca Lawson 60cm
6th Charlie Claypole 60cm
6th Deveraux 60cm
7th Liam Turner 55cm
8th Lenix Taihia 40cm
9th Kahlais Sorby 30cm
9th Blake Kite 30cm
10th Jacob Kite 20cm


1st Philipp Ploner 250cm
1st Chris Huriwai 250cm
1st Ollie Curtis 250cm
2nd Mario Bel 240cm
2nd Balthazar Ossig-Bonanno 240cm
3rd Alex Jones 190cm
4th Tony Melton 166cm
5th Michael Mitchell 145cm

High Jumpjunior high jump uni days 2017 senior highjump uni days 2017Junior:

1st Kohki Deai 30cm
1st Nate Armstead 30cm
2nd Oscar Ludvig 26cm
3rd Kyle Boyle 22cm
4th Leandro Melo 20cm
5th Luca Lawson 18cm
5th Charlie Claypole 18cm
5th Deveraux 18cm


1st Waylon Batt 110cm
2nd Chris Huriwai 109cm
3rd Philipp Ploner 108cm
4th Mario Bel 100cm
5th Balthazar Ossig-Bonanno 90cm
6th Alex Jones 75cm
6th Ollie Curtis 75cm
7th Sam La Hood (New Australasian Female Record) 72cm
8th Dean Toms 70cm
9th Tony Melton 58cm
9th Johno O'Brien 58cm
10th Michael Mitchell 48cm

Trials: senior trials uni days 2017Junior:

1st Johno O'Brien 40points/20lines Time not recorded
1st Kohki Deai 40points/20lines Time not recorded
2nd Nate Armstead 37points/19lines  
3rd Charlie Claypole 31points/17lines  
4th Kyle Boyle 25points/15lines  
5th Oscar Ludvig 22points/14lines Time not recorded
5th Leandro Melo 22points/14lines Time not recorded
6th Thomas McGlone 19points/13lines Time not recorded
6th Luca Lawson 19points/13lines Time not recorded
7th Nico Lawson 13points/11lines  
8th Marshall Martin 10points/10lines 2:30pm
9th Lenix Taihia 10points/10lines 2:33pm
10th Blake Kite 10points/10lines 2:48pm
11th Te Ara 10points/10lines 3:03pm
12th Kalais Sorby 9points/9lines  
13th Liam Turner 9points/9lines  
14th Jacob Kite 3points/3lines  


1st Mario Bell 103points/29lines  
2nd Philipp Ploner  68points/24lines Completed before Chris
3rd Chris Huriwai 68points/24lines Time not recorded
4th Balthazar Ossig-Bonanno 54points/22lines Time not recorded
4th Ollie Curtis 54points/22lines Time not recorded
5th Tony Melton 47points/21lines 2:48pm
6th Alex Jones 47points/21lines Time not recorded
7th Sam La Hood 40points/20lines 2:27pm
8th Michael Mitchell 40points/20lines 2:55pm
9th Nina Beckmann 28points/16lines  
10th Bryan Page 19points/13lines  

Streetjunior street uni days 2017 senior street uni days 2017Junior:

1st Nate Armstead
2nd Kohki Deai
3rd Charlie Claypole
4th Oscar Ludvig
5th Kyle Boyle
6th Marshall Martin

Senior Prelims:

1st Chris Huriwai
2nd Samuel Tzikoucos
3rd Waylon Batt
4th Mario Bel
5th Philipp Ploner
6th Ollie Curtis
7th Johno O'Brien
8th Alex Jones
9th Nina Beckmann

Senior finals:

1st Mario Bel
2nd Waylon Batt
3rd Chris Huriwai
4th Philipp Ploner
5th Samuel Tzikoucos

Flatlandjunior flatland uni days 2017 senior flatland uni days 2017Junior Prelims:

1st Charlie Claypole
2nd Kohki Deai
3rd Oscar Ludvig
4th Nate Armstead
5th Leandro Melo
6th Kyle Boyle
7th Liam Turner
8th Marshall Martin

Junior Battles:

Charlie Claypole def. Oscar Ludvig
Kohki Deai def. Nate Armstead

Junior Semi Final:

Oscar Ludvig def. Nate Armstead

Junior Final:

Charlie Claypole def. Kohki Deai

Final Junior Flatland Results:

1st Charlie Claypole
2nd Kohki Deai
3rd Oscar Ludvig

Senior Prelims:

1st Waylon Batt
2nd Chris Huriwai
3rd Balthazar Ossig-Bonanno
4th Mario Bel
5th Samuel Tzikoucos
6th Sam La Hood
7th Alex Jones
8th Ollie Curtis
9th Daniel Wade
10th Johno O'Brien
11th Michael Mitchell
12th Nina Beckmann

Senior Battles:

Chris Huriwai def. Alex Jones
Waylon Batt def. Ollie Curtis
Mario Bel def. Samuel Tzikoucos
Balthazar Ossig-Bonanno def. Sam La Hood
Balthazar Ossig-Bonanno def. Chris Huriwai
Waylon Batt def. Mario Bel

Senior Semi Final:

Mario Bel def. Chris Huriwai

Senior Final:

Waylon Batt def. Balthazar Ossig-Bonanno

Final Senior Flatland Results:

1st Waylon Batt
2nd Balthazar Ossig-Bonanno
3rd Mario Bel
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