Uni Weekend 2012

NZUni Weekend 2012

Organized by: Jayden Bettridge
Location: Hamilton
Participants: 32
Competitions held: Street, flatland, high jump and long jump. (Races, but no one took records)

Event breakdown:
Uni weekend 2012, in Hamilton, was great. 3 days of competitive riding filled with unofficial street rides. The organization side of things was rushed, but for an event put together at the last minute, there were no problems. There does seem to be some strange results on some judge score cards, so we'll have to take better care for the next event, but besides that, nothing bad can be said!

For full, official results, see below the video.

Video Coverage:

Long Jump placings:

1st Chris Huriwai 270cm
2nd Mike Padial 250cm
3rd Duncan Matheson 235cm
3rd Jesse Trail 235cm
3rd Tim Leathart 235cm
4th Chris Aitken 230cm
5th Chris Champion 210cm
6th Daniel Wade 170cm
7th Tony Melton 160cm
8th Ollie Curtis 160cm
9th Jack Purcell 160cm
10th Dean Toms 160cm

High Jump placings:

1st Mike Padial 110cm
1st Chris Huriwai 110cm
2nd Tim Leathart 80cm
2nd Chris Aitken 80cm
3rd Jack Purcell 75cm
3rd Daniel Mckenzie 75cm
4th Jesse Trail 70cm
4th Duncan Matheson 70cm
5th Samuel Tzikoucos 60cm
5th Daniel Wade 60cm
6th Chris Champion 55cm
6th Tony Melton 55m
6th Jayden Bettridge 55cm
7th Ollie Curtis 10cm

Flatland Finals:

1st and 2nd Chris Aitken def. Daniel Wade
3rd and 4th Samuel Tzikoucos def. Chris Champion


Chris Aitken def. Samuel Tzikoucos
Daniel Wade def. Chris Champion

Prelim placings:

1st Chris Aitken
2nd Daniel Wade
3rd Samuel Tzikoucos
4th Chris Champion
5th Mike Padial
6th Steffan Safey
7th Jayden Bettridge
8th Duncan Matheson
9th Tony Melton
10th Brandon Nankivell (injured)
11th Ben Eastick
12th Ollie Curtis

Street Finals:

1st Mike Padial
2nd Daniel Wade
3rd Samuel Tzikoucos
3rd Chris Aitken

Prelim placings:

1st Chris Aitken
2nd Mike Padial
3rd Sam La Hood (Injured before finals)
4th Samuel Tzikoucos
5th Daniel Wade
6th Tim Leathart
7th Duncan Matheson
8th Chris Champion
9th Jack Purcell
8th Tony Melton
9th Jayden Bettridge
10th Ollie Curtis