Uni Weekend 2013

NZUni Weekend 2013

hippo uni weekend

Organized by: Sam La Hood & Chris Huriwai
Location: Dargaville
Participants: 24
Competitions held: Street, Flat, Trials

Event breakdown:
Uni weekend 2013, Dargaville. Packed with competition filled days over Saturday and Sunday, this was the first uni weekend that focused on competitive competitions. We revealed and handed out for the first time our NZUni Weekend trophies, sold some cheap sinco gear, had an impressive Trials course built by the organizers + riders themselves, a few autographs handed out and a lot of good riding.

Video Coverage:

(Also extra footage on the Uni Weekend Event Coverage page)

Long Jump placings:

1st Mike Padial 270cm 
2nd Jack Purcell 220cm
2nd Chris Champion 220cm
3rd Ollie Curtis 210cm
4th Sam La Hood 175cm
5th Dean Toms 160cm
6th Victor Fleuriau-Chateau 120cm
7th Joe Curtis 90cm

High Jump placings:

1st Mike Padial 118cm
2nd Tim Leathart 79cm
3rd Dean Toms (Sorry brah) 72cm
4th Jack Purcell 68cm
5th Tirryn Nankivell 62cm
5th Sam La Hood 62cm
6th Ollie Curtis 50cm
7th Victor Fleuriau-Chateau 40cm

Flatland Finals:

1st and 2nd Daniel Wade def. Samuel Tzikoucos
3rd and 4th Chris Champion def. Mike Padial

Prelim placings:

*1(2) Judge

1st Mike Padial 70/90points
2nd Daniel Wade 67/90points
3rd Samuel Tzikoucos 65/90points
4th Chris Champion 63/90points
5th Sam La Hood 56/90points
6th Tirryn Nankivell 49/90points
7th Ollie Curtis 43/90points
8th Jack Purcell 41/90points
9th Dean Toms 15/90points
10th Jacob Hetherington 9/90points
11th Victor Fleuriau-Chateau 8/90points
? Tim Leathart Late Entry
? Steffan Safey Late Entry


Round 1 Main Bracket

Mike Padial, Bye
Daniel Wade def. Victor Fleuriau-Chateau
Chris Champion def. Dean Toms
Samuel Tzikoucos def. Jacob Hetherington
Sam La Hood def. Jack Purcell
Tirryn Nankivell def. Ollie Curtis

Round 1 Loser Bracket

Dean Toms def. Jacob Hetherington
Ollie Curtis def. Victor Fleuriau-Chateau (Ollie pulls out due to injury) 
Jack Purcell def. Victor Fleuriau-Chateau

Round 2 Main Bracket

Mike Padial def. Sam La Hood
Daniel Wade def. Tirryn Nankivell
Chris Champion def. Samuel Tzikoucos
Steffan Safey def. Tim Leathart (Late entry)

Round 2 Loser Bracket

Sam La Hood, Bye
Tim Leathart, Bye
Jack Purcell def. Dean Toms
Samuel Tzikoucos def. Tirryn Nankivell 


Tim Leathart def. Jack Purcell
Samuel Tzikoucos def. Sam La Hood

Round 3 Main Bracket

Daniel Wade def. Steffan Safey
Chris Champion def. Mike Padial

Round 3 Loser Bracket

Samuel Tzikoucos def. Steffan Safey
Mike Padial def. Tim Leathart


Samuel Tzikoucos def. Mike Padial

Round 4 Main Bracket

Daniel Wade def. Chris Champion

Round 4 Loser Bracket

Street Finals:

1st Mike Padial
2nd Jack Purcell
3rd Sam La Hood
4th Samuel Tzikoucos

Prelim placings:

*3 Judges

1st Mike Padial 236/315points
2nd Samuel Tzikoucos 226/315points
3rd Sam La Hood 216.5/315points
4th Jack Purcell 212.5/315points
5th Tirryn Nankivell 190/315points
6th Chris Champion 183/315points
7th Ollie Curtis 170.5/315points
8th Joe Curtis 104.5/315points
9th Victor Fleuriau-Chateau  97.5/315points

Trials “Prelims”

1st/Time based Mike Padial 28/28lines
2nd/1st Equal Joel Gleeson 28/28lines
3rd Ollie Curtis 18/28lines
4th Jack Purcell 17/28lines
5th Dean Toms 15/28lines
6th Tirryn Nankivell 13/28lines
7th Chris Champion 10/28lines
8th Sam La Hood 5/28lines
8th Victor Fleuriau-Chateau 5/28lines


Mike Padial def. Joel Gleeson