Uninats 2014 Urban Write Up

Uninats 2014, Australian Nationals


Organized by: Charles Allum and the Australian unicycle society of AUS
Location: Sydney, Australia
Participants: 111
Competitions followed by Hippo: We slacked off on this one… We followed what we could but didn't bring back score sheets.
Competitions run: All the usuals besides Muni. Slopestyle was run for the first time at Uninats aswell.

Event breakdown:
Another great one to remember!

The event started off with Flatland, scheduled to be held on a blocked off road outside a popular skate shop in Manly during a local jazz festival, the riders weren’t too impressed by the location, but they quickly adjusted with no other option available, luckily it all went smoothly in the end with no complaints once things were rolling. Single elimination, 8 riders going through to battles for 2 minute battles. 1st place, Chris Champion's consistency with rolls and combos secured him a convincing win over last years winner Waylon Batt who took 2nd with Mike Padial taking the 3rd place. The female battle was a close one, Sam La Hood vs Ebony O'dea, with Sam winning out in the end showing her experience in competitions with a wide range of tricks.

The following competition, Slopestyle street! The Slopestyle event caught the attention of Uninats organizers at Unicon in Montreal and went down well with the street riders at Uninats for a good Street competition warm up. Held in Curl Curl on the tennis courts, the course consisted of a platform with a ramp and a ghetto rail attached to it, leading into a 1-high, 2-rev manny pad followed by a 3-high platform, forking off to a choice of a 6 stair rail or a 4 stair to finish the course. With not many riders getting complete runs, the judges were left with a hard decision, one of which they thought long and hard on. In the end, Chris Huriwai took out 1st, followed by Dan Cowling 2nd and Waylon Batt 3rd.

Trials, also held at Curl Curl, was run on a HOT day with hung-over riders left right and center, including the 2 comp favourites Mike Padial and Chris Huriwai. The course was very beginner – intermediate friendly, made mostly out of pallets and whatever else was handy. Despite the sound of it, the competition was a success and enjoyed by all. Two riders completed all the lines, first: Mike Padial, followed by Daniel Cheesman. A tie-breaker line was created for the riders to battle out for 1st place, the line consisted of multiple log hops followed by a skinny, ending with a awkward pallet stack leading into a gap. The riders decided the first one to complete the line would be crowned the champion. After multiple attempts, Mike Padial came away with a convincing win to take 1st place for the 2nd time in a row at Uninats.

Street! Like the previous Uninats street competition in Canberra, the top 3 in contention to take out the gold were, Waylon Batt, Dan Cowling and Chris Huriwai. Held at Cammeray, the creativity of riders were tested as they competed on this unusual skatepark which featured many obstacles not seen at your average park, with lots of oddly shaped manny pads, rails and gaps. 2nd place went to local rider Dan Cowling, who showed his experience with the park, hitting some interesting lines with some classic old school style Cowling riding. Waylon Batt impressed with big tricks but lacked consistency, going big and technical with almost every attempt, finishing the comp with a 3rd equal to Brandon Nankivell. Chris Huriwai went big and was rewarded with his revenge on Waylon for beating him at the previous Uninats, with a convincing 1st place.

Video Coverage:

Flatland battles playlist:

High Jump placings:

1st Mike Padial
2nd Chris Huriwai
3rd Waylon Batt


Long Jump placings:

1st Chris Huriwai
2nd Mike Padial
3rd Daniel Cheesman


1st and 2nd Chris Champion def. Waylon Batt
3rd and 4th Mike Padial def. Samuel Tzikoucos


Round 1 

Waylon Batt def. Balthazar Ossig-bonanno
Samuel Tzikoucos def. Samuel Thomas
Chris Champion def. Harry Atherton
Mike Padial def. Tirryn Nankivell

Round 2

Waylon Batt def. Samuel Tzikoucos
Chris Champion def. Mike Padial

Female Battle:

Sam La Hood def. Ebony O'dea

Slopestyle Male:

1st Chris Huriwai
2nd Dan Cowling
3rd Waylon Batt

Slopestyle Female:

1st Sam La Hood
2nd Ebony O'dea


1st Mike Padial 33/33 lines
2nd Daniel Cheesman 33/33 lines
3rd Chris Huriwai 31/33 lines


Mike Padial def. Daniel Cheesman

Expert Male:

1st Chris Huriwai
2nd Dan Cowling
3rd Waylon Batt
3rd Brandon Nankivell

For more indepth results keep an eye on: www.unicycling.org.au