Uninats 2013 Urban Write Up

Uninats 2013, Australian Nationals

Uninats 2013 cover


Organized bywww.unicycling.org.au
Location: Canberra, Australia
Participants: View www.unicycling.org.au
Competitions followed by Hippo: Street, Flat, Trials, High Jump (more indepth results will eventually be available on www.unicycling.org.au)
Competitions run: They do everything!

Event breakdown:
Totally awesome event and the team did great, placing top 3 in all our major competitions, best Uninats results so far. Flatland had a great audience in the middle of Civic, Canberra’s city centre where Chris Champion made it to the nail biting finals vs Waylon Batt and was able to bring the 2nd place ribbon home, Mike Padial also scored a cheeky 3rd place. High jump was another classic rolling hop vs side hop (Chris vs Mike) with the boys taking the top 2 spots, a new Australian record was also set by Waylon Batt and then topped again by Joel Gleeson, who came third. Trials which was held at Mount Stromlo, went to Mike Padial who finished all the available lines with the fastest time, closely followed by Joel Gleeson which took the boys to yet another intense Uninats trials tie-breaker. Street which was held at the amazing Belconnen skatepark, with special guest judge Matty P, was an awesome day filled with INSANE riding, Sam La Hood continues to bring home the gold for female Street, knocking out the Aussie female Street champion Ebony O’Dea who came second. Chris Huriwai finally takes another loss but still takes a respectable 2nd place. Waylon Batt was the star of the day, landing some HUGE bangers in finals AND prelims, including some tricks he’s never landed before like quadflip and fifth down a 5 set (wuuuut!?), Aussie vet Dan Cowling was also there to snipe 3rd place.

Video Coverage:
More coming soon.

Street Hightlights:

Flatland Highlights:

Video by Chris and Waylon one night during the event:

High Jump placings:

1st Chris Huriwai 110cm
2nd Mike Padial 105cm(slippery floor lol)
3rd Joel Gleeson 102.5cm
4th Waylon Batt 100cm


1st and 2nd Waylon Batt def. Chris Champion
3rd and 4th Mike Padial def. Brandon Nankivell

Prelim placings:

1st Mike Padial 23/35points
1st Chris Champion 23/35points
3rd Waylon Batt 19/35points
4th Tirryn Nankivell 17/35points
4th Brandon Nankivell 17/35points
6th Sam La Hood 14/35points
7th Hugh Wilson 12/35points
8th Jaryd Harris 11/35points
8th Ebony O’Dea 11/35points
8th Chris Wallace 11/35points


Round 1 

Chris Champion def. Jaryd Harris
Mike Padial def. Hugh Wilson
Waylon Batt def. Sam La Hood
Brandon Nankivell def. Tirryn Nankivell

Round 2

Chris Champion def. Mike Padial
Waylon Batt def. Brandon Nankivell


Expert Male:

1st Waylon Batt
2nd Chris Huriwai
3rd Dan Cowling
4th Mike Padial

Expert Female:

1st Sam La Hood
2nd Ebony O’dea


1st Mike Padial 41/41lines
2nd Joel Gleeson 41/41lines
3rd Brandon Nankivell 28/41lines


Mike Padial def. Joel Gleeson

For more indepth results keep an eye on: www.unicycling.org.au