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Renowned for his clean and steezy riding, Waylon is a technical flip trick master, with his fair share of Flatland talent aswell. Waylon has several NBD's and is the current WORLD champion for Slopestyle Street. Waylon impressed everyone at the latest UniCon, constantly wanting to ride and to push the limits, while always having a great time.

Slopstyle Street World Champion
New Zealand Flatland Champion
New Zealand High Jump Champion
Australian Street Champion
Australian Flatland Champion



Northcliffe, Western Australia 

Riding since:
2009 (I think) 

Street and Flat

Favorite tricks:
Outfifth, sejflip, flip underflips and footjams

Favorite riders:
Loic Baud, Krisz Kovacs, Josef Sjönneby, Poham brothers, Chris Huriwai, Luke Collalto, Kornel Auth

Favorite riding environment/obstacles:
Skateparks, urban obstacles, handrails, stairs

Your story:
When i was around 11 years old i went to a 3 day circus festival and found a unicycle lying on the ground so I picked it up and started trying to ride it, towards the end of the festival I had the hang of it and not to long after the festival ended i got my own unicycle to ride, I then started watching online videos and was amazed by what was possible from seeing videos like defect, koxx one vid unicon, dan heaton and various other videos, so I started riding down at my local skatepark and kept on progressing my skills, I then went to my first ever event (uninats 2012) and was fully inspired by the people I met and to keep progressing my riding and now im here :)     

Other interests:
Playing video games, watching videos

Favorite type of shoes to ride in:
Nike sb dunks and most Nike skate shoes

Favorite videos:
Loic Baud untitled, Chris Hurwai exteme unicycle tricks #1 #2, Journey, Keen As, Uninats 2013 and 2014, Fall to fly, Bolywood.

Competitive success:

2017 2nd Street Uni Days NZ
2017 1st Flatland Uni Days NZ
2017 1st High Jump Uni Days NZ
2017 1st Flatland Aus Street/Flat AUS
2017 1st Street Aus Street/Flat AUS
2016 2nd Trials UniNats  AUS
2016 2nd High jump UniNats AUS
2016 1st Slopestyle Street UniNats AUS
2016 1st Flatland UniNats AUS
2016 1st Slopestyle Street UNICON XVIII SPAIN
2015 1st Flatland NZUni Weekend NZ
2015 1st High Jump NZUni Weekend NZ
2014 3rd Street UniNats AUS
2014 2nd Flatland UniNats AUS
2013 1st Flatland UniNats AUS
2013 1st Street UniNats AUS
2012 1st Junior Flatland UniNats AUS